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- Our Story So Far - 

On a winter's night in January 2016, Mark and Paul were toiling away in an old stable with a very basic half-barrel brewing kit that they had put together. After several drinking sessions, they wanted to prove that they could produce world-class beer in the confines of an old coaching stable in Tilford. After much energy and enthusiasm, and an upgrade to commercial brewing equipment, the journey began. Since then we have been creating ales that were better than what we had ever tasted before. Taste our beer and join us on our journey!

Mark Collins grew up in pubs owned by his parents and has always been inspired by different and interesting beers. With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, most recently as an executive chef, Mark wanted to combine his love of fusing flavours together into a passion to produce fine artisan beer. Mark now has 5 years of being a renowned brewer and is famous for his attention to detail, critical to making the finest ales every time.

Paul Griffiths similarly grew up in a pub environment where his father also owned a micro-brewery. with over 15 years of experience in the drinks industry, currently as operations manager for Red Mist Leisure and head of liquor procurement. Paul brings his passion for all things drinks, especially craft beer, into our journey of flavour. 

We are as passionate now about making stunning beer as we always have been It is our mission to serve that finest ale made from the finest of ingredients. 

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