Our Story So Far


On a winter's night in January 2016, Mark and Paul were toiling away in an old stable with a half-barrel test kit that they had put together. They had been sharing different beers, from around the world, for several years and wanted to actually create a beer themselves. It was so cold that it had to be stored, to ferment, in an airing cupboard. On first tasting, the beer received acclaim from all. It was then decided to completely rebuild much of the space and start a commercial brewery!

Mark Collins grew up in pubs owned by his parents and has always been inspired by different and interesting beers. With over 30 years experience in the food industry, most recently as an executive chef, Mark wanted to combine his love of fusing flavours together into a passion to produce fine artisan beer. 


Paul similarly grew up in a pub environment where his father also owned a micro-brewery. with over 15 years experience in the drinks industry, currently as operations manager for Red Mist Leisure and head of liquor procurement. Paul brings his passion for all things drinks, especially craft beer, into this brewery project. 

What started off as a small project took on a life of its own. 12 months after their first amateur effort, Mark and Paul were brewing on the coldest day of the year once more with the mercury touching -8 overnight. The original beer Rushmoor Ripper was born. 

Now a thriving business, the brewery continues to grow and is very much part of the local community. Mark will continue to brew beers to be enjoyed by all. 

After stripping the site to its base, we were left with an old and crumbling coach house. With a huge amount of work we have been able to bring the building up to its former glory and enter a new stage of its life as a successful brewhouse.


We love this space and it has mostly been a labour of love, with a small amount of blood sweat and tears along the way! We want to create artisan, craft, beers and ales and we are governed entirely by quality and flavour. Our brewhouse is purposefully small which enables us to be creative.

 Local Heroes

 In our first few months of trading     we were humbled by a couple of local awards 

 Farnham Beerex 2017

 Rushmoor Ripper  

 'Beer of the Festival' 

 Guildford Beerfest 2017

 Tilford Brewery

'Best Brewery'

Beam me up, Scotty

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