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  • Can I buy bottles?
    We sell 500ml bottles, directly from the brewery! Please contact us first to place an order. Alternatively, we stoke our beers on the We Are Farnham online shop. Follow the link on the home page to expore our range!
  • When are you open?
    We typically open 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday. Please message us before heading over to ensure we are not out delivering! We also sell take away beer from the pub, The Duke of Cambridge, next door to the brewery.
  • What form of payment can you take?
    We are able to take cash and card payments in the brewery. Trade customers please email us directly if you wish to purchase beer for your business.
  • When did you start?
    We began trading in February 2017. Please explore our history by reading tthrough our story!
  • What beers are available?
    Our beer changes with the seasons, we like to keep things fresh and brew in small batches. Check out our Instagram, Facebook, or beer board in the pub to see our latest brew! Our core beers; Red Mist, Rushmoor Ripper and Tilford Wit are brewed throughout the year. Have a look at our fantastic range!
  • Where do you sell your beer?
    We are a permanent fixture in all Red Mist Leisure pubs with our Red Mist Ale raising over £7,000 per year for local charities to each pub. We also appear elsewhere on a seasonal basis. Please visit the Red Mist Website to explore their fantastic pubs, situated across Surrey and Hampshire.
  • Do you offer tours?
    We offer many different packages ranging from tours, tastings, food and beer pairings and even brewdays. Please enquire directly so that we can tailor an experience to suit you. Prices start from £10 per person.
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